Simple Upgrades To Provide A Kitchen With An Inviting And Homey Appearance

If a dinner party is going to be served in an individual’s kitchen, the following upgrades can be made to give the room an inviting and homey appearance.

Kitchen Mats And Matching Tablecloth

Cotton or vinyl kitchen mats can be placed over flooring that has small imperfections in it. If mats are arranged underneath a table where food will be served, any crumbs that drop will be collected so that extensive cleaning steps do not need to be performed once a meal is over. A cotton mat can be tossed into a washing machine once it becomes soiled. Soapy water and a soft cloth that are wiped across vinyl mats will remove residue and restore the beauty of each floor covering. Mats can be purchased that contain the same design as a tablecloth in order to provide a dining area with a themed appearance that is well-organized.

Homemade Centerpiece

A homemade centerpiece can be made by filling a decorative bowl with a piece of foam. Fresh foliage or artificial flowers and plants can be secured to foam by insert the tip of each stem through it. The outside of a bowl can be enhanced by placing it on top of a fancy doily. Vines can be draped around a centerpiece to provide the finished design with a natural appearance that is reminiscent of an outdoor environment. In order to preserve fresh cut flowers, plants or vines, a layer of acrylic spray can be applied to each piece.

Decorative Lighting

Paper lanterns that have been painted with soft, subtle colors or that have shiny embellishments added to them will provide plenty of lighting for an intimate meal that will be shared with close friends and family members. Once lanterns have been decorated, they can be secured to a piece of string that is hung from a hook or piece of hardware that is attached to a ceiling or wall. This type of lighting needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. If lanterns have been purchased that do not contain a wire, a battery-operated light can be inserted in each one.